Are you a healthcare practice that relies heavily on your computerised data?

Do you want to avoid the disaster of losing all your important records, files and information?

Let CNS Health assist you to avoid disaster by protecting your critical patient and practice computerised data with iSafe, our automated, location independent backup.

Don’t let computer failure, theft or natural disaster compromise the safety of your critical files and records. iSafe ensures that your data is backed up securely offsite onto our servers, with all your information readily available to be restored.

All transmissions are encrypted to ensure that your information stays private.

Ensure your piece of mind with a backup solution that cater’s for the specifics of the healthcare industry in Australia. Backups scheduled with iSafe are fully automated with reporting sent to your nominated email address.

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Privacy Guaranteed

All transmissions between your computers and our servers are encrypted to security industry standards. In addition, our servers are located in state of the art data centre's and regularly backed up.

Automatic Backup

During setup, iSafe asks you to setup a backup schedule. Once is schedule is saved, iSafe will automatically complete the backup without you having to do anything

Unlimited Programs

iSafe gives you the flexibility to backup as many programs and files as you require. We do not limited backups to only medical specific software

Automatic Reporting

At the conclusion of each backup, iSafe will automatically send you a report to your nominated email address advising success/failure. A CNS team member will also contact you within 1 business day of failed backups.